The Magicians: Season 3

Original air date: January 10 – April 4, 2018

Magic is gone, the fairies have invaded, and Fillory is beginning to revolt against their kings and queens. With their world turned upside down, the Brakebills students embark on a quest for seven keys, which are required to unlock and regain access to magic.

Original Air Date: January 10, 2018
Director: Chris Fisher
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After the magic shutdown after the events on last season, the characters must go on a quest in order to restore magic.

Eliot’s Role: Eliot is pawn in the Fairy Queen’s invisible reign over Fillory. He speak with Margo to try to form a plan against the fairies, but in order for the fairies to not understand them, the two speak in pop culture references. Eliot goes off in hopes of finding the White Lady and wish the fairies away, but instead finds the Great Cock who presents Eliot with an epic quest for him and his friends to restore magic.

Original Air Date: January 17, 2018
Director: Chris Fisher
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Eliot embarks on a quest. Quentin, Kady, and Josh continue their search for magic.

Eliot’s Role: Under the guise of going out to collect taxes, Eliot sets out to the Outer Islands to embark on the first part of the quest. He is joined by Fen and their daughter, Fray. When they arrive to the island, they learn the island is being terrorized by a shadow-bat monster and the island’s Father uses a key to protect the inhabitants. However, Fray tells Eliot there is something off about the monster attacks. Eliot steps up and exposes the Father as a fraud. Eliot takes the key, which is what did create the shadow-bat monster, and leaves the island.

Original Air Date: January 24, 2018
Director: James L. Conway
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Quentin, Alice and her parents must deal with a Lamprey. Kady and Julia summon a demon to save Penny. A band of pirates capture Eliot’s boat.

Eliot’s Role: On their journey back to Fillory, Eliot’s ship is captured by pirates. Eliot uses the key from the island to open up a magical door, through which he, Fen, and Fray escape.

Original Air Date: January 31, 2018
Director: Shannon Kohli
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Penny is stuck in the astral plane, and helplessly observes as Eliot and his family are being hunted by cannibals in the Neitherlands and his friends at Brakebills dealing with his passing.

Eliot’s Role: Eliot and his family encounter cannibals in the Neitherlands. Eliot decides to use the key to summon a shadow-bat monster illusion to distract the cannibals, but instead makes his father, the thing he fears most. He tricks his father into arguing with the cannibals while he and his family escape to Brakebills. At Brakebills, Eliot picks up the new key and becomes the first to see Penny’s astral projection, having not known of Penny’s death.

Original Air Date: February 7, 2018
Director: John Scott
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Julia helps Alice navigate a personal crisis as Quentin and Eliot go on an adventure.

Eliot’s Role: Quentin and Eliot read the next key reveals itself when the mosaic shows “the beauty of all life.” The two travel to Fillory, but it is the Fillory of the past.

Original Air Date: February 14, 2018
Director: Carol Banker
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Quentin faces his most formidable foe yet as Julia helps Alice with a dangerous endeavor.

Eliot’s Role: Soon

Original Air Date: February 21, 2018
Director: Joshua Butler
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Margo makes a bold stand against the Fairy Queen. Quentin and Penny try to retrieve a lost item.

Eliot’s Role: Soon

Original Air Date: February 28, 2018
Director: Salli Richardson-Whitfield
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Julia and Fen investigate a dangerous group of Magicians as Eliot and Margo’s reign is challenged.

Eliot’s Role: Eliot and Margo are on trial to a wombat during which Eliot announces that he hates Fillory.

Original Air Date: March 7, 2018
Director: James L. Conway
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Quentin, Kady and Alice try to convince an old friend to return home.

Eliot’s Role: Soon

Original Air Date: March 14, 2018
Director: Rebecca Johnson
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Quentin and Alice search the castle for an important object while Julia and Fen work with an enemy.

Eliot’s Role: Soon

Original Air Date: March 21, 2018
Director: Meera Menon
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The group strategizes as Josh and Julia travel to a familiar place and are given a chance to help.

Eliot’s Role: In the current timeline, Eliot, Margo, Quentin, and Alice are wanted for crimes against Fillory. In the alternate timeline, Eliot and Margo were killed at Brakebills while trying to learn a spell Josh and Julia need, and their ghosts relive their deaths.

Original Air Date: March 28, 2018
Director: Joshua Butler
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The political situation in Fillory comes to a head. Julia makes amends and Alice makes a confession.

Eliot’s Role: Soon

Original Air Date: April 4, 2018
Director: Chris Fisher
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The group finds what they’re looking for and attempt once and for all to get magic back.

Eliot’s Role: The group go to Castle Darkspire, which is hidden beneath Fillory, to use the keys to restore magic. However, within the castle is locked an ancient Monster. Eliot uses a god-killing bullet and shoots the Monster. After magic is restored, the Library takes control of magic is Eliot’s memories and identity are altered.

The Monster’s Role: After taking over Eliot’s body, the Monster goes to Earth and seeks out Brian—formerly Quentin—and asks him to play with him.

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