The Magicians

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Network: Syfy
Rating: TV-MA (Uncensored)
Also Starring: Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor-Dudley, Arjun Gupta, Summer Bishil
Hale’s Role: Eliot Waugh (seasons 1-3, 5); the monster (season 4)

About The Magicians: After being recruited to a secretive academy, a group of students discover that the magic they read about as children is very real-and more dangerous than they ever imagined.

About the Seasons

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About Hale’s Characters

Eliot Waugh

Eliot Waugh is a former Physical student at Brakebills University and the former High King of Fillory. He briefly served as the Dark King’s confidant.

Eliot was born in Whiteland, Indiana and grew up on a farm with a homophobic family. Due to accidentally killing at bully when he was 14, Eliot discovered his telekinetic powers. He went to SUNY Purchase and majored in “the most Liberal of Arts.” After passing the entrance exam for Brakebills University and becoming a student there, Eliot became extremely close friends with Margo Hansen, and became good friends with Quentin Coldwater, when Quentin was accepted later on. When he met Quentin, Eliot was 24 years old and had a 2.9 undergrad GPA.

Eliot has a great aptitude for magic and applying it in the real world. He is a naturally skilled magician and a gifted intellect. As a Physical student, Eliot’s powers are telekinesis—the ability to affect the physical world with one’s mind, however, when the threat of the Beast loomed, he and his friends learned battle magic. Outside of performing magic, Eliot is also an amazing mixologist and a natural leader.

Eliot has a sexual preference for men. However, upon entering Fillory, he is arranged to marry a Fillorian woman named Fen. He was initially afraid he wasn’t going to like Fen due to his sexuality, but he ends up liking and caring for her mainly in a non-sexual way. Due to his duties as a husband, he does still have sexual relations with Fen. In the laws of Fillory, the king is allowed one wife and one husband, so Eliot, in addition to being married to Fen, becomes engaged to Idri, ruler of a neighboring country, Loria. However, his engagement to Idri becomes terminated later on.

Fillory has two kings and two queens. Eliot became the High King and was crowned by the other King of Fillory, Quentin, on a beach. As the High King, Eliot resides at Castle Whitespire and mainly rules alongside High Queen Margo. Some of Eliot’s achievements as High King include fixing agricultural problems, evading war, and having better communication with Loria. After tension grows between the people of Fillory and their leaders from Earth, the rulers are overthrown, leading Eliot to fight for his crown back through a democratic election. Due to the high number of talking animal population, Eliot loses the election as Margo is voted to be High King.

While possessed by the Monster, even though he did not have control over his body, Eliot was still alive and conscious, trapped in his “happy place,” which looked like the physical kids’ cottage at Brakebills. Trapped with one of the Monster’s former hosts, Charlton, Eliot digs through his mind and the Monster’s mind to find out more. Aside from Charlton, Eliot was only able to speak very briefly to two other people: Quentin and Penny.

Saving Eliot from the Monster brought about Quentin’s death and Eliot

Fashion: Eliot is seen with a great sense of fashion. When he is at Brakebills, he wears formal Earth clothes, such as ties, vests, and suits. When he is in Fillory, he wears formal Fillorian clothes, such as tunics, doublets, and ascots. Paired with his outfits at both Brakebills and in Fillory, Eliot wears an assortment of rings on his fingers, including a wedding ring which he started wearing after his marriage to Fen. At Brakebills, Eliot kept clean-shaven, but when in Fillory, he let his facial hair grow a little, and his hair grow longer. When his hair was long enough, in Fillory, he started tying his hair back.

Partners: Fen (wife), Idri (ex-fiance), Mike (deceased ex-boyfriend), Quentin (partner in alternate timeline), Sebastian (crush)

Children: His and Fen’s unnamed daughter who died during childbirth; Quentin’s son in an alternate timeline, Ted, who Eliot took care of as a second dad; briefly, Fray (Frail Human), who the Fairy Queen claimed was his and Fen’s daughter.

The Monster

While on a quest to restore magic, Eliot tries to kill a Monster residing in Castle Darkspire by shooting it. However, the Monster does not die. After Eliot is given the new identity of Nigel, the bastard son of a British lord, the Monster comes to possess Eliot’s body. The Monster liked using Eliot’s body because of how valuable it was to Quentin.

The monster does not have a name. It is described as “a nine-year-old without impulse control or empathy.” The Monster needs to constantly be entertained with games. It does not recall much of who it is, but it does have revenge against gods. The Monster needed four stones (god pieces) to rebuild its body, and uses Eliot’s body as a way to blackmail the magicians into helping it achieve its quest. The stones are later revealed to be used to rebuild its sister.

The Monster was killed by Eliot’s friends, Margo, Quentin, and Penny, who expelled the Monster from Eliot’s body using ice axes, and then sent sent it through a seam in the mirror realm.

Fashion: The Monster dresses much more casually than Eliot. The Monster usually wears a white (or off-white) graphic shirt with imagery of animals and/or text, paired with a black coat or jacket on top. One of the notable shirts donned by the Monster has the phrase: “This is my happy shirt.”


The Magicians has had a few musical numbers. This is the list of songs sung by or feature Hale:

  • One Day More (from Les Miserables) – Season 2, episode 9
  • Under Pressure (by Queen & David Bowie) – Season 3, episode 9
  • Don’t Get Me Wrong (by The Pretenders) – Season 4, episode 10
  • Here I Go Again (by Whitesnake) – Season 4, episode 10
  • Storm Coming (by Gnarls Barkley) – Season 4, episode 10
  • Beautiful Dreamer (parlor song by Stephen Foster) – Season 4, episode 10
  • Take On Me (by a-ha) – Season 4, episode 13

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